EugeneKha & West Remi - I.N.KH.E.-II: Solstice

artists: EugeneKha And West Remi
album: I.N.Kh.E. – II: Solstice
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E054-2016]
Country Of Artist: Russia / Germany / Ukraine
Style: Ambient Electronic, Space Music, Soundtrack, Cinematic
Release: 30 November 2016
Tracks: 10
Time: 42:50
Album Recorded in Russia and in Germany, May – November 2016
(c)Composing, performing and mixing by EugeneKha and West Remi, 2016
(c) Original Photo – Andrey Tarasov, 2016

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Album Notes:
‘Solstice’ – продолжение научно-фантастической истории о колонизации планеты I.N.Kh.E., начатой альбомом 2015года „I.N.Kh.E.’ (альбом был выпущен в 2015 году лэйблом 45 Echoes Sounds в цифровом формате и на аудио кассетах).
В альбом „Solstice’ также включена концертная версия трека с первого альбома дуэта – Flight Of Strange Bird (Первое живое выступление проекта состоялось 18 августа 2016 года в Москве на смотровой площадке выставочного комплекса «Рабочий и Колхозница»).

‘Solstice’ – continuation of science-fiction story about colonization of the planet of I.N.Kh.E. and continuation of cooperation of two musicians from Russia and Germany. This cooperation began in 2015 with release of a joint album "I.N.Kh.E.’ (the album was released on a label of 45 Echoes Sounds in a digital format and on a tape cassettes).
The album "Solstice' also included the concert version of a track from the first album of the duet – Flight Of Strange Bird (The first live performance of the project took place on August 18, 2016 in Moscow on the observation deck of 'Worker and Collective Farmer Statue' exhibition complex).

[2:01] 1. Introduction
[3:56] 2. Solstice
[4:54] 3. Water Clouds
[5:24] 4. Kosmoport
[5:19] 5. Deep Blue
[5:46] 6. Illusions Zone
[4:51] 7. Reflections And Echoes
[3:45] 8. Somewhere Away
[3:25] 9. Second Wave
[3:29] 10. bonus track: Flight Of Strange Birds (Live 2016)

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