Марсоход "Анна" / Mars Rover "Anna" (Live Performance 2018)

EugeneKha - Марсоход "Анна" / Mars Rover "Anna"
Note: Live Performance At Soullive.fm (Moscow) 29 January 2018.
Setup: Arturia Microbrute, Arturia KeyStep, Kawai K1m, Korg Microkorg XL, Korg Volca's, Novation Ultranova.

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Best Album 2018. Mix # 2 – Sounding Deep Compiled By Mike G

Best Album 2018. Mix # 2 – Sounding Deep Compiled By Mike G
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, Oct-Nov 2018.

This is the second of 2 mixes based on AMG's Best Albums Of 2018 reviews, and tracks from most of the reviewed albums are featured across the mixes.
Mix #2: Sounding The Deep is 3 hours of some of the most beautiful, mysterious, deep and profound music released in 2018. Mind-expanding ambient, drone, modern classical, spacemusic, environmental, psyambient, ambient techno, post-rock and more.

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Ambientmusicguides Best Albums Of 2018 / Reviewed by Mike G

00:00 - Azimuth by Loscil | Illuminations II (Dronarivm)
03:06 - Snow Park (remastered) by Connect.Ohm | 9980 remastered (Ultimae)
10:47 - Phea by Porya Hatami & Arovane | Kaziwa (n5MD)
14:11 - The Color of Coral by Stephanie Sante | Clear Light (Sante Music)
19:46 - Circulation of Events (remastered) by Tangerine Dream | The Pink Years 1970-73 (Cherry Red)
25:12 - Her Name Is Vairumati by Wanderwelle | Gathering Of The Ancient Spirits (Silent Season)
30:47 - A Thousand Sorrows Came As One by Maciek Dobrowolski | Ephemera (Bandcamp)
35:29 - Awaken by Tangent | Approaching Complexity (n5MD)
40:25 - Slow Train On An Open Plain by Jeff Greinke | Before Sunrise (Spotted Peccary)
46:26 - Tomorrow's Terracotta by Alecsi | 033186 (Bandcamp/Hotham Sound)
53:14 - Bird In Hand by Less Bells | Solifuge (Kranky)
56:43 - Kodama by The Green Kingdom | Seen And Unseen (Sound In Silence)
1:01:05 - Beast From The East by Peter Toll | Strange-Eyed Constellations 2 (Disco Gecko)
1:06:35 - Menicus Opulens by Endurance | Shade Terrarium (Constellation Tatsu)
1:11:17 - Composure by Alan Brown | Composure (Bandcamp)
1:16:03 - Story Of Ghosts by Fiona Joy | Story Of Ghosts (Blue Coast)
1:19:07 - He by The Heart Is Awake | Ecosphere (Six Degrees)
1:25:12 - August (edit) by EugeneKha | Three Months (Pantheon)
1:39:32 - Infinite Lucence by Shunkan Idou | Perspective (Cosmicleaf)
1:45:17 - Yozorawa (Night Sky) by Hiroshi Watanabe | Tiny Balance 2 soundtrack (Music In The Deep Cosmos)
1:52:44 - The Ephemerality of Chalk by Taylor Deupree | Fallen (12k)
1:59:07 - Lafleur and Portsmouth by Richard Lewis | Frontenac and York (Louba Rêve Records)
2:03:26 - Two Friends by Carl Weingarten | Living in the Distant Present (Alta Vista)
2:06:58 - Carousel by Peppermoth | Glimmer Tide (Six Degrees)
2:10:55 - No Sun Into The Void by 20 Hours After Dawn | Sun Will Crackle (I Low You Records)
2:15:07 - Impermanence II by Astral Harmonies | Peach Blossom Spring (Moonswing)
2:22:57 - I Dormienti (edit) by Brian Eno | Music For Installations (Opal)
2:27:48 - Magnificent Gallery by Steve Roach | Dreamtime Return 30th Anniv. Edition (Projeckt)
2:35:55 - Balm by Halftribe | For The Summer Or Forever (Dronarivm)
2:39:19 - Unity by Bruno Sanfilippo | Unity (Dronarivm)
2:46:25 - Sundaze (edit) by Lingua Lustra | Winged Heart (Silent Records)
2:53:16 - Photosynthesis by I-One | Singularity (Liquid Sound Design)
2:58:22 - Bliss by Ed Carlsen | Intervals (Moderna)
3:01:16 - Inner Light by Kenji Kihara | Scenes Of Scapes (Inner Islands)
3:06:40 - Awakening by Tom Middleton | Sleep Better (Universal)
3:14:44 - end


EugeneKha & West Remi - Flight To Juno (Single 2018)

Artists: EugeneKha And West Remi
Album: Flight To Juno (Single)
Recorded: 20117-2018
Release: November 2018
Label: INKHE Project
Catalog: [inkhe-single-002-18]
Time: 8:28
Style: Spacepop, Pop, Ambience Pop
(c) Music by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Ivan Nyschun, 2018

01 - Dream On Juno (2:23)
02 - Flight To Juno (6:05)

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Vkontakte (mp3)


EugeneKha - Skazki: The Lost Summer Set

EugeneKha — Skazki: The Lost Summer Set
Note: Studio Live Set 2018-08-02 For Skazka-5 Fest

(c)All Music, Performing, Mixing, Photo, Artwork By Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2018; EXCEPT: Crystal Peaks (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi), Flight Of Strange Birds (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi), Planet Of Hope (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi), Reflections And Echoes (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi), Dreams Under Alien Sky (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi).
Time: 79:44


This program I planned to perform at the festival "Skazka-5" in August 2018, but for technical reasons, I could not get to the festival. This set I performed, mixed and recorded in my Moscow Studio. Part of the " fairy Tales "I performed later - September 29, 2018 at the festival" Guslitsky miracle", dedicated to the birthday of the art residence"Guslitsa".
Эту программу я планировал исполнить на фестивале «Skazka-5» в августе 2018 года, но по техническим причинам на фестиваль я не смог добраться. Этотсет я исполнил, смикшировал и записал в своей московской студии. Частично «Сказки» я исполнил позже - 29 сентября 2018 года на фестивале «Гуслицкое чудо», посвящённом Дню рождения арт-резиденции «Гуслица».

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1. Skazka. Intro
2. Crystal Peaks (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi)
3. Fog Music-2 (Fragment # 1)
4. Flight Of Strange Birds (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi)
5. Dark Wave
6. Sexus
7. Coast Hope
8. Planet Of Hope (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi)
9. The Whisper Of Leaves (Fragment)
10. Echoes Of A Far Melody. Part 3
11. Fog Music-2 (Fragment # 2)
12. Baloon
13. Immersive Sounds. Part 3 (Fragment)
14. Reflections And Echoes (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi)
15. Slippery Coast
16. Dreams Under Alien Sky (Music by EugeneKha & West Remi)
17. The Volga Bulgarians
18. Sevastopol Sunrise
19. Skazka. Coda


EugeneKha & West Remi - The Third Stage (INKHE-3)

Heyaaa! INKHE Project are back with a new space album!

EugeneKha And West Remi (INKHE Project) - The Third Stage (INKHE-3)
Recorded: 2016-2018
Release: 45 Echoes Sounds | [45E077-2018] | 2018-09-01
Style: Ambience Electronic, Berlin School Ambient
Time: 42:28
(c) Music by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Ivan Nyschun, 2018

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01 - The Third Stage / Третий этап (5:02)
02 - The Ghostly Glow Of Dead Stars / Призрачное сияние погибших звёзд (7:49)
03 - Crystal Peaks / Кристаллические пики (5:53)
04 - Anxious Waiting / Тревожное ожидание (4:34)
05 - Escape From INKHE Planet / Бегство с планеты АЙНХИ (7:42)
06 - bonustrack: Crystal Peaks (Live At «4-10: Сигнал из космоса»@DOM Club, 2017-10-04) (7:13)
07 - bonustrack: The Third Stage (Live At «Наши в Космосе-2018»@Jao Da Club, 2018-04-11) (5:35)


«Третья этап» - третий совместный альбом международной коллаборации INKHE Project, образованной лидерами двух эмбиент-проектов - Евгением В. Харитоновым (EugeneKha; Россия) и Иваном Ныщуном (West Remi; Украина-Германия). Научно-фантастические сюжеты альбома вновь возвращают слушателя в мир вымышленной планеты INKHE.
"Third Stage" - the third collaborative album of the international INKHE - collaboration Project formed by the leaders of the two ambient projects - Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha; Russia) and Ivan Nyschun (West Remi; Ukraine-Germany). The science-fiction themes of the album bring the listener back to the world of the fictional planet INKHE.

EugeneKha & West Pemi (INKHE Project)
INKHE Project – результат сотрудничества российского (EugeneKha) и украинского (West Remi) музыкальных проектов, в 2015 году объединившихся для создания серии концептуальных альбомов в жанрах космической и научно-фантастической электроники. Музыка Евгения В. Харитонова (EugeneKha) и Ивана Ныщуна (West Remi) — вереница связанных между собой научно-фантастических историй о покорении вымышленной планеты INKHE (в названии планеты и проекта зашифрованы реальные имена музыкантов).

INKHE Project is the result of cooperation between the Russian (EugeneKha) and Ukrainian (West Remi) music projects. In 2015, they have teamed up to create a series of concept albums in the genres of space and sci-Fi electronics. The music of Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) And Ivan Nyschun (West Remi) — a string of interconnected science-fiction stories about the conquest of the fictional planet INKHE (in the name of the planet and project encrypted the real names of the musicians).