discography: September Album (2007-2008)

Recorded: 2007-2008, Remastered: 2009
Released: Oct. 2008 (as 2 EP) , 30 Sept. 2009 (album)
Label: Proc-Records
Catalog#: Proc341
Style: Ambient
Time 36:15
Digital quality: 320 kbps
Size 77 mb


1. September Part 1 (4:30)
2. September Part 2 (2:25)
3. September Part 3 (4:51)
4. September Part 4 (8:52)
5. September Part 5 (2:43)
6. September Part 6 (2:41)
7. September Part 7 (1:41)
8. September Part 8 (5:52)
9. September Part 9: Final (2:40)

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As we say goodbye to uncomfortable summer
heat, I eagerly anticipate and celebrate the
coming of colder weather, grey cloudy skies
and the autumn + winter seasons (:
And what better way to celebrate such events
than with a brand new release by the always
wonderful EugeneKha!!!

proc341 is precisely the kind of album we need
at this time.
It is a humble demonstration of
musical talent and focuses on the subtle forces
of nature that surround us all.
As usual, EugeneKha's work Contains
many sound aspects including, deep ambient, rhythm,
noise, and drone!!

September is officially over, and October
will soon begin.
As the days become colder and you are looking
for a great selection of audio-based art to
enjoy when walking outside with a loved one,
staring out of your windows and watching animals
gather food for winter, or simply enjoying a beer or
a cup of coffee while sitting next to a campfire,
each of these events can be amplified through the
listening of these wonderful materials
that Evgenij has shared with us!!!

proc-records enthusiastically presents
a brand new album from one of the
greatest and kindest music countries on the planet, Russia!

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2009. 30 September

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