discography: Ambient Collection 2005-2007. Vol 1 (Compilation)

AMBIENT COLLECTION 2005-2007 VOL 1 (Compilation)
Recorded: 2005-2007
Release date: November 2008
Label: Proc-Rec
Catalog: PROC-211
Style: Ambient
Time 44:35
Digital quality: 256 kbps

1. Early Morning (1:28)
2. Russian Space (5:13)
3. Spaceice (2:10)
4. Strange Morning (2:05)
5. Radiospirits remix (5:37)
6. Spate Of Whisper (9:15)
7. Amazing New World part 1 (1:17)
8. Amazing New World part 2 (2:48)
9. Amazing New World part 3 (1:46)
10. Amazing New World part 4 (Single version) (1:52)
11. Night World Part 2 (5:42)
12. 12 September 2008 (5:11)

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My friends, close your eyes, get comfortable with
a good beverage, put on the headphones
and find a comfortable place to lay down...
you are about to embark on a very calm and deep
journey into premium-quality ambient sound!!!
EugeneKha is once again in control of proc-rec's newest
release, the Ambient Collection Vol. 1.
Truly a wonderful representation of an (obviously)
incredably talented artist, I feel quite fortunate
to have the oppurtunity to lock this release
by EugeneKha into the [proc211] slot.

Once again, as is typical with his music, quality
and true dedication are readilly apparent upon hearing
the opening track.
As the title of this album suggests, thick and soothing
pads and leads conjigate together and coat your ears
and minds with bountiful ambience for almost forty-five

Humbling tracks like Spate of Whisper and Russian Space
both stand out in my mind first when thinking of this
While the entire album is nothing short of breathtaking,
those two tracks in particular are what hold
the album together and really make it
an enjoyable experience that is almost out
of this world!

This is the first of many to come (I hope!!!) of this
sort of album from EugeneKha.
In many ways it left me short of speech
and of ways to describe it's unique sound.
So please, dont waste any further oppurtunities or time!
Devote 100% attention to this album
and you will soon understand why I love music
so much :)

an early Christams present to the massive!!!

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2008. 5 November

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