v/a - Funderground Vol 3

Третий выпуск лучших композиций мировой лоубит-сцены FUNDERGROUND посвящен стилю эмбиент. В коллекции – аналоговый лоубит—спейс-эмбиент EugeneKha’s Microbit Project – Back To The Moon

Из резюме Kai Nobuko (Toxic Chicken) к компиляции

this is the hottest name in lo bit land, this project released so many wonderful ep's, albums, splits with amazing people, single's and
in a wide range of musical/sound range. microbit project is pure microbit sounds from the heart with all the human emotions and expeiences.
this time Microbit Project supplyed a track wich capture a moment we all have been trough.
Try to collect all Microbit project releases for a huge collection of great (and free!) music!
Microbit Project is also the project behind the famous Microbit Records, an independent netlabel for lo bit sounds wich turned into a huge succes.
the amazing download spree of the latest lo bit albums proofs that the quality of lobit is getting better and better
and more people get passionate about the sound and the space it creates. more beautifull lo bit music and more space on your portable mp3 player for even MORE
beautifull lo fi releases. Its sure makes sense! We really Hope you enjoy MICROBIT PROJECT to the fullest!


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