Various Artists - New Ear Compilation 2011 from Intox Noize net-label

Various Artists – New Ear compilation 2011
Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox110
Country: Worldwide (Russia / Germany)
Style: Chill-out, Trance, Breakbeat
Digital quality: MP3, 320 kbps

01 Charmant Juliette - Petit dejeuner au lit (5:41)
02 Derex - Save This Dream (5:02)
03 EugeneKha - Nano Saga (4:25)
04 Sascha Muller - My Clean Bigger 808 (6:17)
05 Nameless Dancers - Fluteman (7:29)
06 Paranoid Definition - Next Year (3:48)
07 Julia van der Piller - Electric Lights (2:25)
08 Cocaine Bear - Snow At Naked Brain (3:41)



discography: White Art Studio Ambient Session 001 (21 Nov. 2010)

EugeneKha - White Art Studio Ambient Session, 21 Nov. 2010
Series: White Art Studio Sessions
Style: Analogue ambient, electronic, experimental
Time: 16: 30
Digital quality: mp3, 320 kbps | Size: 38 mb
Internet Released: 2010-12-17

1. Analogue Autumn (7:30)
2. African Train (9:00)




v/a - Funderground Vol 3

Третий выпуск лучших композиций мировой лоубит-сцены FUNDERGROUND посвящен стилю эмбиент. В коллекции – аналоговый лоубит—спейс-эмбиент EugeneKha’s Microbit Project – Back To The Moon

Из резюме Kai Nobuko (Toxic Chicken) к компиляции

this is the hottest name in lo bit land, this project released so many wonderful ep's, albums, splits with amazing people, single's and
in a wide range of musical/sound range. microbit project is pure microbit sounds from the heart with all the human emotions and expeiences.
this time Microbit Project supplyed a track wich capture a moment we all have been trough.
Try to collect all Microbit project releases for a huge collection of great (and free!) music!
Microbit Project is also the project behind the famous Microbit Records, an independent netlabel for lo bit sounds wich turned into a huge succes.
the amazing download spree of the latest lo bit albums proofs that the quality of lobit is getting better and better
and more people get passionate about the sound and the space it creates. more beautifull lo bit music and more space on your portable mp3 player for even MORE
beautifull lo fi releases. Its sure makes sense! We really Hope you enjoy MICROBIT PROJECT to the fullest!



v/a - Funderground Vol 2

Во втором выпуске Floppy Disks компиляции FUNDERGROUND (составитель гениальный голландец Toxic Chicken / Kai Nobuko) лэйбла 4m@-records лоубит-версия (битрейт 16 kbps, mono) композиции EugeneKha – INGOR SONG (In Memoriam Igor Ukolov)

Из резюме Kai Nobuko (Toxic Chicken) к компиляции:

Writer, Poet, amazing sound artists, musician, organiser, promoter runner of many labels of diffrent kind and visual artist from Russia.
One of the biggest stars of the international lo fi scene who makes terrific music in all genre's possible.
from techno, spoken word, minimalism, soundscapes, ambient but all with a heart of passion.



Nano Age Videos

2010(c) Music by EugeneKha
2010(c) Video by drillobite (aka Faktor4), Austria

discography: Nano Age

Release name: NANO AGE
Country: Russia
Label: 45RPM-Records
Catalog: 45rpm041
Label Series: Ambient Series
Format: EP
Keywords: Ambient
Time: 19 min. 59 sec.
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps 44 Hz mp3
Size: 47 mb
Release date: 2010-11-30

1. Nano Age (Part 1) (5:13)
2. Nano Age (Part 2) (5:42)
3. Nano Age (Part 3) (3:56)
4. Nano Age (Part 4) (5:08)

Page Of Release
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Recorded, 01-12 November 2010 at White Art Studio

Все трэки записаны на «сенсорном» синтезаторе для iPod NANOSTUDIO / All tracks are performed on touch synthesizers of NanoStudio for iPod in real time.

Photos by Anna Kharitonova

discography: Adelaide

Artist: EugeneKha
Release: Adelaide
Label: Gaudi Records | Catalog: [Gaudi010]
Style: Chill Out, Downtempo
Time 39:16
Recorded: April – July 2010
Release date: 2010-10-27
Digital quality: 320 kbps mp3, WAV
Status: Only commercial release

1. Adelaide Part 1 (8:03)
2. Hot July (6:11)
3. Pink Winged Elephant (3:38)
4. Jupiter Light (5:03)
5. Adelaide Part 2 (Space Mix) (3:49)
6. Adelaide (Live At White Art Studio) (7:30)
7. Adelaide (Radio Edit) (5:02)

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discography, Electric Dreadloks

Country: Russia
Label: 45RPM-Records
Catalog: 45rpm036
Label Series: Foggy Series
Format: Digital EP
Keywords: Dub Ambient, Psychedelic Dub, Abstract Dub, Psybient
Time: 20 min. 48 sec
Quality: 320 kbps 44 Hz mp3
Size: 49 mb
Release date: 2010-08-01

1. White Tiger (3:14)
2. Dub-Line (Smoking Mix) (3:02)
3. Electric Dreadlocks (3:16)
4. Dub-Line (Night Mix) (3:04)
5. The Smoked Dreadlocks (Foggy Collage) (8:12)

MIRROR SITE (+ more details)

discography: I Belong To You (single)

Artist: EUGENEKHA feat. Alex D.
Title: I BELONG TO YOU (Single)
Country: Russia - UK
label: 45RPM-Records | Cat.: 45rpm025
Release date: 2010-01-06
Style: Symphonic Pop-Rock, Sympho Ambient
Time 22:25 min | Quality 320kbps mp3 | Size 52 mb

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1. I Belong To You (Album Version) (8:34) [20mb]
2. I Belong To You (Ambient Instrumental Remix) (5:46) [13mb]
3. I Belong To You (Analog & Rock Mix) (8:05) [19mb]

discography: Black Heath

Artist: EugeneKha
Title: Black Heath
Label: Earth Mantra | Cat.: Earman112] | 2010-01-16
Style: Dark Ambient, Abstract
Time 75:33 | Quality: 320 kbps | Size 177 mb

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Russian ambient artist and Renaissance Man Evgenij Kharitonov first released an album as EugeneKha on Earth Mantra back in March of 2009, with his super-cool electronic ambient space music release Distant Space. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Evgenij back to our humble netlabel, this time with a powerful and dark ambient release entitled Black Heath.

We use the term "Renaissance Man" deliberately. Not only is he an accomplished musician, with work spanning genres as diverse as ambient, IDM, techno, post-rock, and many other forms, he is also a poet, writer, and audiovisual artist. Despite the diversity of his work, or perhaps because of it, one of Evgenij's most astonishing attributes is that his every release is new, refreshing, and completely different from anything he has done before. It takes a true artist to be able to reinvent one's self over and over again, and to do it so consistently and over so many releases is just staggering.

This release is no exception. Unlike his previous work on Earth Mantra, with Black Heath Evgenij has created a truly ominous and foreboding collection of dark ambient pieces that are as equally scarey as they are beautiful. Truly, this is not music to be listening to in the dark on a cold, stormy night alone, unless one enjoys spine-tingling fear or the disturbing sensation that one is not alone in listening to the music.

For this is dark ambience in the truest sense of the phrase, replete with huge impenetrable walls of darkness, atonal and abstract textural soundscapes, and plenty of eerie surprises and things going bump in the night. The music is very active, not at all the mournful dirge that dark ambient often becomes, but instead almost the soundtrack to a particularly shocking horror movie. While listening, in our mind's eye we saw bonfires and torches, strange rituals performed amidst great stone edifices, and above all, storm clouds, some distant and some immediately above our heads. Truly startling stuff.

But despite the darkness, there is tremendous and compelling beauty to savor in this album as well, though it is often a powerful, commanding sort of beauty. The compositions themselves are to us the highest point of the release; Evgenij has done a remarkable job of taking simple motifs and building upon them until huge epic structures are created. One always has the sense that the music is intentionally designed and composed rather than happening as some kind of creative accident, which in the dark ambient world is rare indeed. Very nicely done.

Black Heath is truly a superb collection of dark ambient pieces, and one we are very glad to bring to our audience. We look forward to every release by EugeneKha, on Earth Mantra as well as other netlabels, and look forward to more from him in the future.

01 - Shades of Night Music (11:54, 27.8 MB)
02 - Black Heath (Horror Mix) (12:34, 29.4 MB)
03 - Strange Visitors (5:08, 12.0 MB)
04 - Dark Corridors (12:50, 30.1 MB)
05 - Dungeon Draughts (8:44, 20.4 MB)
06 - Black Heath (The Long Atmospheric Mix) (24:23, 57.1 MB)

discography: Mantra Of Space Monks

Artist: EugeneKha
Album name: Mantra Of Space Monks
Label: Earth Mantra | [earman127] | 2010-05-15
Style: Ambient, Space Music, Drone, Abstract
Time 64:47 | Quality: 320 kbps mp3 | size 151 mb

Review From Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar):

Earth Mantra has long been a big fan of the various electronic music made by Moscow-based artist Evgenij Kharitonov, who records intriguing and boundary pushing ambient space music under the name EugeneKha. But with his latest release, called Mantra of Space Monks, we feel he has produced his best work yet, an album of truly immense significance.
EugeneKha has always been about sound design, and about fusing together disparate elements to create what we might term 'progressive ambient' music. With his latest work, he continues to polish the sculpture and texture of the sound, but he has eschewed rhythm and pulsation, focusing instead on deep and entrancing ambient elements that combine to form some of the most immersive space music we've heard in awhile. And yet, despite its mesmerizing aspects, the music retains Evgenij's signature ability to bend familiar sounds into new and unique devices that are both immediately approachable and yet distinctive and refreshing. Imagine if Boards of Canada slowed themselves way down and took a deep dive into pure beatless ambience. Now combine that with elements of Eno and a strong sense of traditional space music, and you have a glimmer of understanding of the type of material you might find in this delicious album.
We've heard a lot of superb pure ambience from EugeneKha before, but we are struck by the great patience and minimalism of pieces like The Calmness Sea and Ethereal Drone, tracks that really showcase the artist's mastery of the ambient form and demonstrate how he has found a zone of truly placid and soothing ambient composition that only some of the masters of the genre have previously encountered. With such profound subtlety and grace, we sincerely believe this is an album that will stand the test of time, and certainly one of the top releases of 2010.
So it is with great pleasure we unveil the latest Earth Mantra release by EugeneKha. We hope Evgenij continues in this direction, and continues to share with us his extraordinary musical vision.

1. Personal Sky (5:46)
2. Ethereal Drone (4:27)
3. The Interpreter Of Dreams (4:32)
4. Empty Alarms (8:57)
5. The Burnt Wings (7:02)
6. The Calmness Sea (3:31)
7. Light Of Bells (6:17)
8. Red Star (6:13)
9. Solar Castle (4:50)
10. Mantra Of Space Monks (13:12)


discography: River Songs

Artist: EugeneKha
Title: River Songs
Release date: 9 Jan. 2010
Label: Clinical Archives | Cat.: [ca349]
Style: New Age, World Fusion
Time 65:52 | Quality 320 kbps | size 153 mb
Recorded and mastering at White Art Studio, Moscow, November 2008 - November 2009

Clinical Archives

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Download [ZIP archive.org, 153mb]
Download [ZIP megaupload.com, 151mb]

1. Intro (1:37)
2. The River Song (6:40)
3. The Volga Bulgarians (4:03)
4. Interlude # 1 (1:15)
5. Coast Hope (6:07)
6. Rainsong (2:58)
7. Volga (6:24)
8. Interlude # 2 (2:31)
9. Dark Wave (5:05)
10. After A Rain (2:54)
11. Reastrained Emotions (3:48)
12. Interlude # 3 (1:00)
13. Slippery Coast (3:18)
14. Mirror (5:20)
15. Last Mooring (Part 1 & 2) (3:37)
16. The Eternal River (Radio Edit) (5:21)
17. Final Passage (3:54)