Close Space / December 9 (Single)

Release Note: It is promo-single from album Close Space which will be published in 2014.
Publisher: Echoes Sounds / White Art Studio
Catalog: WAS-ES007-2013
Type: Promo Single
Format: FLAC only
Time: 16:30
Genre: Electronic
Style: Instrumental, Ambient, Downtempo, Space Music
Music, Voices, Instruments and Records by Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2013
Recorded at White Art Studio, 2013


Last.fm (mp3 128kbps free demo)

1. Close Space (Single Edit) (9:39)
2. December, 9th (Single Edit) (6:51)


Enter the ‘Close space’, the final ambient frontier annex the latest ‘single’ created by the intelligent music producer EugeneKha. With the speed of a little rocket we are suddenly surrounded in a audio world where beautiful synthesizer sounds hang out with relaxing bell like ambience. Together they provide a warm soft audio bed that is guaranteeing that the future will be bright and relaxed.
The newest single by creative genius EugeneKha is what you can call a perfect beauty passing by.
Let this outstanding prettiness that is so well futuristic as retro beam us all up in a galaxy where everything is like an alien heaven. A place to feel good and where no men has made trouble before!
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful synthetic music!
WIth ‘December 9th.’ EugeneKha delivers a ray of spacious happiness with an epic sounding synthesizer theme and a lovely down tempo vive. Absolutely uplifting and produced in a state of the art high quality that you can only love and adore. So much prettiness in composition has the opportunity to trigger tears in the eyes, but if they come; they are tears of happiness and joy! EugeneKha has created the perfect feel good music!
Get this promo single over at the following link, and feel uplifted and happy with the amazing lovable melodies and feel good space music:
November 26 2013

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