Various Artists - New Mind Emergence (Ambient Version)

Compiled and Publisher By Mystified

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"The idea is-- with technology progressing as it is-- At some point, intelligence, original thoughts, must occur to robots. Consideration of this moment, this event, and an analysis/depiction/exposition of it, this is what must inspire tracks for the New Mind Emergence project, Treetrunk Version."

"I want this to be focus on the 'shiny new' futuristic but with that 'seed of doubt'. I want to do this because this is the current topic of futurist technology that is starting to actually become a reality very soon!"-- TG Mondalf, Latex Records

This compilation is a collaborative effort with Latex Records. Thomas Park/Treetrunk Records have facilitated a release focusing on tracks in the ambient music genre, and Latex Records has facilitated an industrial music release.


This page includes the ambient side of the collaborative compilation.
released June 16, 2016

Track Of EugeneKha

Scott Lawlor & EugeneKha - Vega Chronicles: Strange Sky Of Vega

Scott Lawlor And EugeneKha – Vega Chronicles: Strange Sky Of Vega

Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: [45E049-2016]
Country Of Artists: USA, Russia
Recorded: 2014
Released: 2016.
Style: Epic Space Drone, Long Form, Ambient
Time: 60:12

This album- part of the big project in a genre of Epic Space Drone of "Vega Chronicles". The album "Strange Sky of Vega" is written down in 2014 and is the third collaboration of two musicians — Scott Lawlor (USA) and Evgeniy V. Kharitonov (aka EugeneKha, Russia).

“Strange Sky Of Vega” – третья совместная работа американского дроун-музыканта Скотта Лавлёра (Scott Lawlor) и российского эмбиент-проекта EugeneKha. Одновременно этот альбом, записанный еще в 2014 году, является частью большого Epic Space Drone проекта «Хроники Веги», запущенного Скоттом и объединившего многих эмбиент-артистов из США, России, Финляндии и других стран.

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