EugeneKha - Atmosphere
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: 45E027-2014
Country Of Artist: Russia
Style: Light Ambient
Total time: 33:24
Format: Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3
Release date: March 2014
Album Recorded on White Art Studio, Moscow, 2013.
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[02:38] 1. EugeneKha - Dew On Her Eyelashes (Part 1)
[02:43] 2. EugeneKha - Sun Voice
[02:33] 3. EugeneKha - Dew On Her Eyelashes (Part 2)
[05:32] 4. EugeneKha - Atmosphere
[10:39] 5. EugeneKha - Deep Blue
[06:36] 6. EugeneKha - Dust Song
[02:41] 7. EugeneKha - Dew On Her Eyelashes (Part 3)


To be free’ is a cherished concept in the music world, but it’s rare to come across music that is as free as a flying feather while still flying in an comfortable and easy comprehensible direction. The latest release of EugeneKha features a track that captures this concept in quite an breath taking way. It’s called ‘Dew On Her Eyelashes’ which is a beautiful title for an equally beautiful sounding piece of music. It’s as if EugeneKha has put his life-long music and love research  and made the gained knowledge so to its own, that he could play the keys without obstructions of musical rules and borders, playing this soft melodic music as if it’s fingers translate the feeling of affection, of beauty and love. It’s pure and precious but comes across just as if it’s so easily done, as if there was no pressure, no obstacles just a pure melodic form of love. There must be someone very special in EugenKha’s life to trigger such a beautiful and free composition.
With ‘Sun Dance’ EugeneKha’s music will for sure warm the listeners by embracing the sweetest and angelic prettiness that feels all dreamy, cute and full of sunshine sparkles. It is definitely music you would share with a close loved one, someone dear to you, someone who’s ears deserves to be filled up with the most beautiful-lest and honest music in the world.
EugeneKha’s ‘atmosphere’ brings more the sounds of a calm and cooled down night. A pleasant relaxing piece that would be good when the love vibes are coming to an overheating point and need a refreshing beverage in the shape of pleasant night music.
With ‘Deep Blue’ EugeneKha takes us to a dreamland where everything is pretty and blue. We swim with the dolphins while the rays of sunshine sparkle through the surface of the water. It’s a magical place full of warm synthetic pads and glitters, oceanic romance that does it’s utter best to make us all feel good while swimming in a delicious blissful state of mind.
EugeneKha seems to have captured pure joyful beauty within these lovable tracks of inner and outer peace. The ‘Dust’ track is no exception and provides deep and warm layers that dance sensually among each other. A sight that sounds sensual, and bursting with romantic opportunity’s for couples that needs music to entangle their body’s too. It’s all beautiful, angelic and absolutely pretty! An free downloadable album that is a must have for anyone that needs calm ambient to relax or stimulating music for those sublime romantic moments.
If you want pretty and wonderful, than you will find it at the following link:


LABYRINTH OF PHANTOMS (REmastered / Re-Release 2014)

Note: Remastered 2014. New Edition.
Recorded: 1998, 2009.
First Releases: 1998, 2009
Remastered, Re-release: EugeneKha's Bandcamp | 2014
Style: Experimental ambient, Industrial Ambientcollectiont.
Time: 59:36
Format: FLAC.


1. Ambiry (1:56)
2. Night Bots (1:30)
3. Internal Phantoms (6:50)
4. Electric Wind (2:10)
5. City Phantoms (3:33)
6. Nanoambient (5:40)
7. Labyrinth Of Phantoms (Part 1) (12:29)
8. Morning Of The Wood Phantoms (5:20)
9. Labyrinth Of Phantoms (Part 2) (3:36)
10. Darkery (5:01)
11. Radio Of Phantoms (5:12)
12. Dreams Of Phantoms (3:24)
13. Zikurag (2:55)