Various Artists - S4G Mix 2

Mixed by Crazy Dymond.
Label: Sound For Good
released 04 February 2013



00:00 Contiuum Rift (Chaos Theory) ~ Jah Buddha
11:48 Absence Of Matter Pt. 1 ~ William Spivey and Aos Crowley
20:28 Submerged Forest ~ Symatic Star
31:29 The Shaman's Mirror ~ William Spivey and Zreen Toys
39:49 Soar ~ William Spivey and Zreen Toys
47:50 Flying Low 4 ~ John Rose
53:33 Never Forever ~ Ian Boddy
55:59 Crystalis ~ EugeneKha
1:01:58 Transquility Base ~ Cyndee Lee Rule & OptiquesJeff
1:07:34 Sky Turned Black ~ Computerchemist feat. Nemesis
1:14:07 Second Movement ~ Red Planet Orchestra
1:27:45 The Silent Sea ~ Peter James and Jennifer Jo Oakley
1:32:43 Tears Of Whales ~ Tomsie Music (tomsiedler1)
1:38:29 Guardian Angel ~ Stephen Philips

I first became aware of the S4G label when Absence Of Matter was released. I was so impressed by this excellent album that I have kept up with all the releases. When Oceans was released I thought, hey! there's plenty of material for a mix here, so I asked S4G if they were interested in a mix that spanned the releases to date, and submitted a draft a few days later. The mix comprises the tracks that really stand-out for me. Problem is, there are alot of tracks from this label that are worthy of inclusion so I had to be quite selective.