V/A - Horror Films (Aural Films, 2017)


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EugeneKha - The Whisper Of Leaves


Aural Films celebrates our 5th anniversary with a special Halloween Collection of deep, dark, spooky, sounds culled from the 200+ albums we have released over the years. Lock your doors and shutter your windows for this collection of 50 tracks, over 7 hours of music, that are the perfect soundtracks for a haunting Halloween!

Aural Films wants to thank all of the artists, DJs, listeners and reviewers who have made the last 5 years a hell of ride. The label was created in 2012 as an experiment in what a film music label can do. Having the privilege to work with 100s of artists all over the world have exceeded our expectations in every way. This is our special gift to all you for all the support.

Jack Hertz



EugeneKha - Breathe Slowly
Recorded: 2016 – 2017
Release: 2017-10-23
Label: Aural Films
Style: Ambient
Time: 70:50

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Aural Films Review:
Aural Films is very happy to announce the return of Russian poet, musician, sound and visual artist. EugeneKha. His new album BREATHE SLOWLY is a glorious showcase of the artists' many talents. Blending field recordings, synthesizers, and sources from other artists with thoughtful musical passages. EugeneKha creates a unique, yet highly inviting music that drawls the listener into a warm sonic environment.

1. Day Of Endless Rain (16:29)
2. Sleep Of Forest Flowers (7:19)
3. The Whisper Of Leaves (6:43)
4. Forest World (8:08)
5. Breathe Slowly! (24:02)
6. Bonus Track: Forest World (feat. Scott Lawlor) (8:08)

EugeneKha In Action

EugeneKha At SKAZKA FESTIVAL (august 2017)

2017(c) Photographer By Harmony Here & Сказка Art Group

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